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Original Oil Paintings

The Escape

$499 available for purchase

20" x 16" oil on canvas, framed

Inspired by the Caddo River in central Arkansas. A couple of kayaks beached on the bank of a slowly flowing river. An escape far away from the troubles of life and a connection to God. Vibrant colors with a slow and confident energy.

Answering The Call


60" x 44" oil on canvas, unframed

The first painting in Ryan's Caddo River series. Answering The Call is an invitation to adventure, refreshment of not only your body but your soul.

​The scale of this painting is massive. At five feet wide it has the power to fill a wall space and excite your imagination.


An Arkansas Kiss Good Night


Oil on canvas (43" x 30") Unframed

The sunsets at Mount Magazine, Arkansas are absolutely stunning. Mount Magazine is the highest point in the state of Arkansas and has amazing lookouts to view the sprawling landscapes for miles and miles. From this vantage point the sun seems to set between two mountain peaks that make it appear as if the sun is kissing the world good night. Ryan really wanted to explore the contrast between warm and cool colors and the energy that was released during the sunset. This painting has thick brush strokes and vibrant color.

Ca' d'Zan


42" x 30" oil on canvas, framed

This was a student piece that Ryan created at his time in college. The painting is of famed circus tycoon, John Ringling's Sarasota castle he named Ca' d'Zan. The home, and its grounds, are stunning and are located right on the water. If you ever find yourself in Sarasota, we highly recommend touring this mansion.



30" x 24" oil on canvas, unframed

When you walk downtown in Hot Springs you are instantly transported to the past. World-famous Bath House Row is a must see when you visit. These incredible buildings are oozing with history and amazing architecture. Ryan set the time period of this painting to the 1950's. This is the first of a series he plans to make based on Bath House Row. The prominent white building in the foreground is the bath house named Maurice.


Gates of Paradise


Oil on canvas (48" x 36") Unframed

Gates of Paradise was inspired by a trip Ryan took with his wife to an old rope making factory in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula. They made the rope from a plant that closely resembled an agave plant for many years until synthetic nylon rope took over the market. The track you see running through the gate is a tiny version of rail road tracks that they use to move small "mining-like" cars over to transport inventory.


Ebb and Flow


Abstract piece having fun with texture and color flowing in layers. These are three paintings that are painted on a repurposed surface. They are unframed and can be spaced out on the wall. The two outer images are 71" x 16"each. The center painting is 53.5" x 16". When all put together it covers quite a bit of space. Mixed media, designed to not be framed.

Shores_Of_Solitude copy.jpg

Shores of Solitude


Oil on canvas (42" x 30") Framed

Will sell unframed deducting $120 from price.

Based on the beautiful beach of Isla Pasion in Cozumel, Mexico.


Calm seas gently lapping up against the fine sand and mild skies give the feeling of a slight breeze. The beach is open and free and a perfect escape. Loose brush strokes, and a refreshing color palette add to the relaxing atmosphere.




Oil on canvas (20" x 16") unframed

Painted from life with a strong sense of mood. Named after the model who posed for the painting session.

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